Binny™ – Disposable Sanitary Bins


Did you know that most organisations do not need to use sanitary bin collectors to collect sanitary waste?

Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins remove the need for traditional sanitary bin supplier contracts and are already in use across many organisations including multiple NHS sites.

There is a considerable amount of misinformation concerning sanitary waste to ensure organisations utilise traditional sanitary bin suppliers. However, both the HSE and the Department of Health (DOH) clearly define sanitary bin waste as “offensive waste” and this is not hazardous, clinical or medical waste.

Furthermore, the Environment Agency re-iterates this and states that low levels of sanitary bin waste (offensive waste) can be “legally discarded in the black bin waste stream” – please click here www.gov.uk.

This means many organisations, including shops, schools, companies and public sector organisations, do not need to use traditional sanitary bin suppliers to provide, clean and empty their sanitary bins and the organisation’s cleaning staff can easily and legally manage this area using Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins.

Due to its unique patent-pending design, Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins and their contents are simply disposed of without the sanitary bin contents ever being seen or handled by visitors or cleaning staff.

Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins comply with relevant legislation/guidance. Binny™ sanitary bins provide antibacterial protection (certified to ISO20743:2013) throughout the life of Binny™.

Our Biomaster™ coating has been proven to kill harmful bacteria such as Campylobacter, E.coli, Legionella, Listeria, Staphylococcus and MRSA, Pseudomonas, and Salmonella and many other species by up to 99.99%.

Binny™ disposable sanitary bins also provide considerable cost-saving opportunities as well as operational and environmental benefits.

All Binny™ Sanitary Bins feature a healthcare message from the cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust on the lid to encourage your staff to have a smear test to reduce their chances of cervical cancer.


Binny™ Bin dimensions when assembled are:

Length 31cm • Width 17.5cm • Height 35.5cm

Binny™ Disposal

All organisations should provide sanitary bins. The rules regarding the disposal of Binny™ disposable sanitary bins depends on your volumes of offensive waste:

  • Low levels of offensive waste (under 7kgs) can legally be disposed of in the standard black bin waste. This covers 99% of UK organisations.
  • Higher levels of offensive waste per collection, then Binny™ sanitary bins should be disposed of through an offensive waste collection stream (EWC 20 01 99) – this generally applies only to very large organisations, e.g. hospitals who will have other offensive waste e.g. incontinence pads etc)
  • A Binny™ Bin at capacity weighs around 1kg.


Binny Bin front

Binny™ Benefits

  • Disposes of all sanitary and personal waste
  • Fully compliant with all legislation including HSE, EA and DOH
  • Significantly reduces your sanitary bin carbon footprint
  • Significant costs savings
  • Removes the need for sanitary bin suppliers and contracts
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Improves your toilet facilities
  • Contains inbuilt antibacterial protection and conforms to ISO20743:2013
  • Unique malodour blocker and fragrance
  • Splashproof
  • Is regarded as a consumable so there is no capital outlay



Paul Johnstone

Manager – Site Services, Casio Electronics

As we were moving into a nice new office block we wanted to improve the service provided to our staff and at the same time cut costs.  We have moved from a contract bin service to the Binny Bin. The result in the first 6 months; the savings we desired, and more importantly with the help of our cleaners, a better, more hygienic service to our staff.  No more overflowing bins, no more waiting for missed collections, no more wasteful empty bin collections.  The handy flat-packed product has meant we have bins in every cubicle that are changed as and when needed.  A product that does indeed provide a better and more cost-effective service.

Biomaster Antibacterial Product ISO 20743 (2013) Binny Brochure Cropped DOWNLOAD BROCHURE