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About Us & Our Sanitary Bins

The New Alternative to Traditional Sanitary Bin Suppliers

sanitary binBinny™ sanitary bins – which remove the need for traditional sanitary bin suppliers – is a brand of Roftek Ltd (

Our roots lie with Warwick University Science Park which for almost 30 years has been one of Europe’s premier science parks. Roftek is focused on innovation and game changing products, and are committed to developing new ideas that help organisations. Binny™ sanitary bins was born with assistance from South Essex Partnership University Foundation NHS Trust (SEPT) who wished to reduce their carbon footprint in the area of sanitary waste collection in light of the Department of Health’s classification of sanitary waste as offensive waste.

At Roftek we strongly believe in excellent customer care and work closely with many of our customers in order to develop products to fit their specific needs.


An Award-Winning & Ground-Breaking Innovator…

In 2016 Roftek Ltd won the prestigious “Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation” and, in 2015, the “Excellence in Innovation Award” at the Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. They also won the 2013 “Big Ideas Business Award” at The University of Warwick for innovation.

Roftek’s customers include hospitals, hospices, numerous charities, funeral directors, and the Government.

They have featured on multiple news channels throughout the world.

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