The New Alternative to Traditional Sanitary Bin Suppliers

Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins - which remove the need for traditional sanitary bin suppliers - is a brand of Roftek Ltd


Our roots lie with Warwick University Science Park which for almost 30 years has been one of Europe's premier science parks. Roftek is focused on innovation and game-changing products, and is committed to developing new ideas that help organisations.

Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins was born with assistance from South Essex Partnership University Foundation NHS Trust (SEPT) who wished to reduce their carbon footprint in the area of sanitary waste collection in light of the Department of Health's classification of sanitary waste as offensive waste.

An Award-Winning & Ground-Breaking Innovator…

In 2016 Roftek Ltd won the prestigious "Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation" and, in 2015, the "Excellence in Innovation Award" at the Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. They also won the 2013 "Big Ideas Business Award" at The University of Warwick for innovation.

Roftek's customers include hospitals, hospices, numerous charities, funeral directors, and the Government.

They have featured on multiple news channels throughout the world.

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Our Values

SUPPORT – Focused on transforming the standards of care across the world.

TRUST – We protect and build on our reputation to be reliable, good, and honest; offering trusted expertise, educational support and solutions.

CARE – We give our utmost attention and thought to everything we do and say. Our brand and customers are precious.

PASSION – Our intense emotional connection drives compelling action that makes a difference.

EXCELLENCE – We are unrelenting in our mission.

EQUALITY – We ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talent.

Jason Cannonier

Douglas MacMillan Hospice, Stoke-on-Trent

We used sanitary bin contractor in all of our toilets and often were paying for bins to be collected that often were not full. We decided to trial Binny disposable sanitary bins and have been really pleased with the results. We have been able to leave Binny disposable sanitary bins in situ and there has not been any odour issues. Plus we simply dispose of Binny when we feel it necessary rather than relying on a third party who will charge us for each bin. This has reduced our costs and we are now considering our sanitary bin contract with a view to using Binny sanitary bins across all our toilets.