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Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins for sanitary and personal waste

With Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins you can dispose of all sanitary and personal waste including tampons, panty liners, baby wipes, cotton swabs, sticking plaster, tissues, incontinence pads, nappies and condoms.

For 99% of organisations Binny™ is directly placed into the black bin waste (see Binny Use/Disposal for more info)

Complies with legislation

There is a considerable amount of misinformation concerning sanitary bin disposal and waste. Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins fulfill the requirements and guidelines laid down by the Health and Safety Executive, Environment Agency (EA) and the Department of Health (see our pages on "Use and Regs")

Binny's™ sanitary bins' unique design addresses any concerns around handling sanitary waste:

  • unlike traditional sanitary bins, the contents of Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins are never seen or handled by your cleaning staff
  • Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins have world-leading antibacterial properties (certified to ISO20743:2013) along with a specially designed malodour blocker/fragrance.

Significantly reduce your carbon footprint

External sanitary bin contract companies have a large carbon footprint. Their fleets of vans cover thousands of miles each day servicing sanitary bins. Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins are manufactured in the UK and the carbon footprint is very low - one delivery of a 6/12 month supply of flat pack Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins replace multiple trips from a sanitary bin supplier.

The Department of Health has stated that sanitary bin waste (as well as incontinence pads, nappies, etc) are not clinical/infectious waste and should be correctly classed as 'offensive waste'. The DOH further states that classifying waste correctly provides "one of the biggest opportunities to reduce wasted energy used in the unnecessary treatment of non-infectious wastes and potentially introduces significant cost savings."

Your organisation can help reduce wasted energy and reduce your carbon impact by simply switching to Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins.

Reduces costs

Why pay a contractor for a virtually empty sanitary bin to be emptied?  Most commercial sanitary bins are under-utilised (the average weight per collection is only 300g of sanitary waste) but you only replace Binny™ when full and due to Binny's™ anti-bacterial properties, Binny™ sanitary bins can remain in situ for many months if required.

Furthermore, there are also numerous indirect costs with sanitary bin contracts e.g. salesperson visits, contractual negotiations, time spent sorting out additional visits if a bin becomes full etc. Organisations report savings of upto 70% when compared to sanitary bin contracts.

No need for sanitary bin suppliers and contracts

This classification is very important and means your organisation can dispose of sanitary (feminine) waste easily, legally and simply by using Binny™ sanitary disposal bins and your organisation does not need to use a sanitary bin supplier or sign up to any contracts. As a result, many organisations, including NHS Hospital Trusts, have switched over to using Binny™. Simply re-order more disposable Binnys™ when required - no contracts, no long-term commitment, no pressure.

Environmentally responsible

Sanitary bin suppliers usually either collect sanitary waste by removing the contents in a plastic bag or the whole bin is removed and replaced. Where a bag is removed, this is contrary to the government's aim to reduce the use of plastic bags. Where the whole bin is collected, this is energy-intensive as the bins are washed offsite with water and chemicals and are then returned. A high energy-intensive process.

  • Binny™ bins are managed by your cleaners and disposed of in your current waste collection so Binny™ eradicates the above.
  • Binny™ is made of cardboard
  • Binny™ does not use plastic bags and therefore helps reduce the number of plastic bags that end up in landfill
  • Binny™ is disposed of along with the contents and therefore saves on water and chemicals as requires no cleaning

Improve your toilet facilities

Sanitary bins are filled at different rates but sanitary bin contractors work around their timescales e.g. a monthly collection. What happens if you have a full bin and a contracted collection is not scheduled for another 2 weeks?

Our sanitary disposal bins allow your cleaner to immediately replace a full bin and if Binny™ is not full then it can be left in situ for months. This improves your facilities and makes it easier for your organisation to manage the issue of sanitary bin disposal as well as provide a better environment for your staff, customers and visitors.

Contains inbuilt antibacterial protection and conforms to ISO 20743:2013

There is an exponentially higher risk of transferring bacteria through touching a traditional sanitary bin, toilet door handle or sink tap than by touching a Binny™ sanitary bin. Traditional sanitary bins do not have any anti-bacterial protection built into the unit. However, Binny™ sanitary bins are safe to touch as they are coated inside and out with Biomaster™ and provide antibacterial protection throughout the life of Binny™ which cannot be washed off.

Binny sanitary bins are independently certified to ISO20743:2013 proving their antibacterial effectiveness.

The Biomaster™ coating has been proven to kill harmful bacteria such as Campylobacter, E.coli, Legionella, Listeria, Staphylococcus and MRSA, Pseudomonas, Salmonella and many other species by up to 99.99%. For more information on the technology click here.

Unique malodour blocker and fragrance

Binny™ is the only disposable sanitary bin in the world to contain a unique and specially formulated malodour blocker/fragrance which is designed to specially target sanitary bin odours. Furthermore, as the deodouriser is built into Binny, there is no need to add additional crystals or powders, click here.

Splashproof coating

Binny™ sanitary bins have an internal splashproof coating, contain 12 litres of storage and are assembled in seconds. Binny™ conceals all contents and your organisation can simply dispose of Binny™ and all its sanitary bin contents.

Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins are a consumable

Binny™ sanitary bins do not require a capital purchase and therefore can be ordered as an ongoing consumable item.

Featuring a healthcare message

All Binny™ sanitary bins feature a healthcare message from the Cervical Cancer charity Jo's Trust on the lid to encourage your staff to have a smear test to reduce their chances of cervical cancer.


Ross Griffin

S-line, Stone, Staffordshire

Our annual service contract for sanitary bins with monthly collections was over £1000 p.a. With Binny™  our annual sanitary bin costs have been reduced by over 50%!