Binny v Pedal Bins

Q: Binny™ v. Pedal Bins or Re-usable Sanitary Bins?

Sanitary and Feminine Hygiene Bins

The Department of Health “Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste 2013″ states “the waste can be offensive in appearance and smell” (hence the term “offensive waste”). Therefore, it is important that the contents of sanitary and feminine hygiene bins are not seen or handled as this can be unpleasant for both those using the washroom as well as highly unpleasant for the cleaner who has to empty the waste.

Feminine Hygiene BinsSanitary bin Feminine Hygiene BinsWith a pedal bin, the offensive contents are clearly visible to visitors (and plastic bags are required which are not environmentally friendly). Also antibacterial/deodouriser powders would also need to be separately added to reduce odour and bacteria.

With re-usable sanitary feminine hygiene bins, the cleaner must empty out the contents, thoroughly disinfect the bin, and also add antibacterial/deodouriser powders. There has been very strong objections from domestic cleaners asked to empty sanitary bins.

Binny™ is designed to address all these issues; the contents are kept hidden from view from both visitors and cleaners, no plastic bags are required, no cleaning is required and no antibacterial/deodouriser powders are required (as with Binny™ this is built in).


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