Use & Sanitary Bin Regs

Sanitary Bin Waste Guidance

There is a considerable amount of misinformation concerning sanitary waste propagated by suppliers of sanitary bins to ensure organisations sign up for lucrative sanitary bin contracts.

However, The Department of Health and The Health and Safety Executive has clearly stated that sanitary waste is classified as "offensive waste" and it is not clinical or medical waste.

Sanitary Bins Use/Disposal

Using and disposing of Binny™ is simple. Binny™ sanitary bins are placed in the toilet area and both Binny™ and its contents are thrown away when full without the user or cleaner ever seeing the contents.

Suppliers/Contractors of Sanitary Bins - The Sales Tactics

Some of the salespeople and websites of suppliers of sanitary bins may use terminology and legislation to confuse, mislead and worry your organisation in order that you sign up for a sanitary bin contract.


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